CHUMS Charity

04 May 2020

2020 will go down in history as the time the World stopped for COVID-19.

However inconvenient ‘lockdown’ and ‘isolation’ may be in the short-term, there will be long-term consequences for the lives of so many.

Providing vital Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Services for children and young people, CHUMS urgently needs additional funds to continue their life-changing support for those traumatically bereaved, abused, self-harming, struggling with anxiety, low mood or those who have ASD.

We just can’t furlough mental health. We just can’t furlough the support children and young people need.

CHUMS continues to support those in need via phone, skype, or online groups.

Please make a donation and help support the work they fund:

Text CHUMS *amount* to 70490

e.g. CHUMS 5 for £5, CHUMS 10 for £10 (or any other amount)