What our clients say about us…

Geoff - BH Doors


“We have been really impressed by the proactive approach of the Wrest Park Team and have found their regular communications, particularly information and links about the business support that is available, to be very useful”.


Jurrell & Kyle - ARM Networks


"From day 1 since lockdown we was able to work safely in Enterprise House due to the measures Wrest Park Enterprise have taken."


Julie - Oracle Care


“The centre staff have thought of everything, even a simple thing like being able to still use the kitchen and get a coffee is covered as they now have individual sachets of coffee etc and social distancing measures in place”.


Nicky - Independent Mediators


"We have been working in our office throughout lockdown and Wrest Park Enterprise have taken Social Distancing very seriously marking out 2 metres in all communal areas. They have installed hand sanitiser dispensers throughout all buildings so everyone can wash their hands more."


Raj - Grab Express


At Grabexpress Ltd we feel absolutely assured and safe of the measurements had been put in place by the management . Since the announcement of the pandemic in February 2020, we had been given proper guidance and advice by the estate management on social distancing, general hygiene, Staff training and personal protection.

In the office buildings we have seen newly installed hand sanitisers, clear signs makings to guide social distancing and re arranged furniture to meet the 2 meter rule. Also we have seen the estate appointed cleaners had been taking care of the cleanliness to the highest standards.

I personally have been attending office through the whole time as we are an essential service provider and am very impressed with the hands on approach taken by David Taylor, Beverley Weller and Tom Winfield.

They did an amazing turnround to bring this place to a safe working environment in such a short time. Great work.

Overall we feel this place a very safe environment to work, of course we all have to do our personal best for the safety of all of us in the building .


Trinh - FE Hawkes

"Wrest Park Enterprise have provided their staff with PPE which is good to see. Having installed hand sanitiser dispensers around the buildings is also helpful so we can clean our hands, keys and phones more."


Giles Phillips – Director – Hello Recruitment Associates


"I have just started to return to the office as business is increasing and I need to be office based to deal with that as it currently stands. I must say that I have been really impressed with how Wrest Park

Enterprise have kept me updated during this process and the speed at which they have acted to ensure the office environment is conducive to the Covid 19 social distancing rules.

In addition to that and equally as importantly Wrest Park have sent useful information on how to apply for grants etc to make us aware of every potential opportunity to help small businesses and Beverley & Tom have both made an effort to come and have a chat to welcome me back so generally could not have asked for more in these exceptional circumstances."